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Multi-purpose air freshener, deodorizer and de-filmer for all washable surfaces. This economical, concentrated, water soluble product works to eliminate stale odors from the air and leave a fresh clean cherry fragrance in treated areas. Add to mop water to clean and safely remove grime, heel marks and film from most surfaces. Freshens up sour smell of used mop heads.
1 gallon bottle. (Sold 4 per case)

Price: $44.00


Provides deep gloss, long wear, excellent re-coatability and extra years of floor life. Resists detergents, scuff and heel marks, stains, chemicals, water spots, and yellowing and slipping. Beautifies all types of sealed floors. Retains a high gloss after repeated common detergent washing and mopping. Dries crystal clear and smooth, enabling many coats to be applied before stripping becomes necessary.
1 gallon bottle. (Sold 4 per case)

Price: $100.00


Our best stripper and conditioner. Free of harsh ammonia and other strong chemicals. Removes polymer floor finishes which are very difficult to strip because of age or many coats on floor. Contains heavy-duty emulsifiers and wetting agents that quickly soften old wax and dirt so it can be picked up with mop or machine. Made to strip waxes and polymer finishes from rubber, vinyl, asbestos, marble, terrazzo, linoleum, ceramic, etc.
1 gallon bottle. (Sold 4 per case)

Price: $52.00