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Excalibur StrongPaks are highly concentrated cleaners in easy to use portion controlled packaging. Excalibur StrongPaks combine our traditional and dependable quality with new elements of packaging, transport, storage, safety and ease of use. Dissolvable StrongPaks contain highly concentrated liquid cleaners. The entire StrongPak dissolves in water. No cutting, tearing, pouring or measuring. No waste and less space. All of our StrongPak products are safe and simple to use....and they have wonderful fragrances and clean exceptionally well. Excalibur StrongPaks are convenient to store, easy to use and safe for your family. 

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X708 AUTO & TRUCK WASH - Single

For cars, buses and trucks. A highly concentrated vehicle wash which leaves super bright finish. Safe on all surfaces. Generates high suds to penetrate and loosen dirt and road grime. Will not remove wax or affect finish. Non-streaking and free rinsing. Use for manual or automatic washing.
I gallon bottle

Price: $19.99